Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Product Placement: Junior Mints bib

Junior Mints are the best candy in the world! Unlike other candies, no matter how many Junior Mints you eat they go down smoothly and don't give you a stomach ache. On the other hand the more boxes you eat you begin to see the negative effects of such a soft orgy of chocolate and mint: sometimes the mints melt in the box and stick together, and then you look like a schmuck trying to eat them.
That is why God created the Junior Mints bib! Given to me by my friend and fellow mint lover Tanya, the bib was too small for my fat neck. So I decided to let Lex model it! Here he is, wearing nothing but the fur he was born with and the bib:

Lex standing on his hind legs eating a treat out of my hand. Isn't he talented?

The Bathroom Door

Easter is one those holidays where all of family in a 50 mile radius come to my parent’s house for a huge meal. Despite the fact that we all live in the same state, there are little things we all do differently that I assumed everyone did the same. Case in point: How do you deal with the bathroom door once you’re done?

I was raised with the following procedure: when finished one turns the lights out and leaves the door open. This clearly shows that the facility is empty and ready for the next person to use. If I see this, I know it’s safe to go in and take care of business.

But on Easter I had quite the dilemma when I went to use the bathroom and encountered the following scene: The door was pulled almost shut, but not completely. The light was on and the fan was on, obscuring any noise from within. I had no idea if was in there or not. I stood there for a while debating what to do. I couldn’t knock on the door because it wasn’t pulled shut, my knocking would push it open and if someone was in there I’d look like some sort of sicko who gets his jollies watching people on the toilet. I didn’t want to ask "Is anyone in there?" because bathroom insider-outsider conversations make me feel awkward.

Finally I decided to go back into the dining area and get a head count of the family so I could see if anybody was missing. It turned out the bathroom was empty the entire time! All this heartache could have been prevented if the person before me had merely turned out the lights and left the door open…

Cat Profile: Lex

The Lex story began on a warm and pleasant night about a year ago. He just appeared at my apartment building that night, rubbing up against my neighbors leg purring and wanting to come inside. When he saw me he trotted over and did the same to my leg, confirming that he didn’t mind multiple partners. I left some food outside for him and the next day he was gone.

Two weeks later, as I was getting ready to go hang out with some friends, I see Lex pawing at my sliding glass door wanting to come in. It turns out that some people had taken him in that night he first showed up, then he escaped from them and came to my door where I found him. The people who previously took him in said I could keep him, at the time I thought they were being nice. Later I would learn that Lex was, in addition to being a lazy ball a fur, a total bastard and had probably been kicked out of his previous homes. But isn’t he cute?


Welcome to The Litterbox! My name’s Craig, I’m a 22 year old resident of Wilmington, NC where I pick up random animals off the streets and work for a college bookstore. More about this later…

Since its a litterbox and all, I plan to be scooping out the wacky cat stuff that I’m obsessed with and maybe even some non-cat related ideas as well. We’ll get things started with this picture of me dressed as Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, for Halloween back in the eighties. Ahh, the things I would poke if I still had that pitchfork.