Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Adventures of Craig and Negrodamus -Part 1

Last week my friend Tanya needed someone to watch her cat for a few days. Naturally I jumped at the chance to totally slap a strangers cat around for a week. And thus Negrodamus the cat was delivered to my apartment.

There's one thing you must understand about Negrodamus: he'll roll around and spread his legs for basically no reason. Armed with knowledge of his spreads, a lust for feline erotica and a camera I decided to get into the kitty porn business:

Special Bonus Pic--Negrodamus cleaning up after our photo shoot:

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina Ebay Action!

A few days ago I learned you could set up an ebay auction to benefit the charity of your choice. I decided to unload some of my comics and send 100% of the proceeds to the Red Cross. Here they are:

The Ultimates

The Invisibles

Adventures of Luther Arkwright/Fables


You can get in on this as well, click here to read up on how to sell items for a charity on ebay.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hot Cat Action Sunday

It's Sunday! Take a break from all the New Orleans looting videos and for the love of God stop looking for William Rehnquist autopsy photos. Instead watch these clips, they contain cat action so hot it could make a Bishop break a stained glass window!

Elvis the Robo-Cat

Creepy Japanese Robot Cats

Scuba Cat

I've got to say thanks to my friend Rebecca, because even though she is trying to pass three(!) kidney stones she still had the presence of mind to send me the scuba cat clip.