Saturday, September 23, 2006

Why I Had to Punch a Cat

I punched a cat last weekend.

Lex and I were having one of our usual quarrels over what to wear out. I told him he should wear this cute straw hat with a pink flower, it really matches his pink little nose.


I guess later on Lex heard me refer to him as "the prettiest little girl in town" and while I was petting him he scratched the hell out of my hand:

Look at that! I can't believe that fat furball actually scratched me up... so I punched his fluffy ass and he ran behind the couch. I don't have a picture because as it turns out, it's kinda tough to hold a camera while punching a cat.

However, I can't talk about cat punching without showing you an actual cat being punched. So I present: The Punching Rabbi vs Lex!

Stay tuned for the end, Lex fights back and totally pounces on my hand. Now that's hot!


Anonymous annie said...

craig, i can't believe you punched lex!!!

10:33 AM  
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Anonymous Inga said...

I can't belive you, of all people, punched a cat.

That's just crazy.

7:04 PM  
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