Monday, March 27, 2006

The "Beach Mewsic" Cat Show

The fur was flyin' last week in the Coastline Convention Center when Wilmington hosted it's first ever cat show! Just imagine: row after row of sweet, hot cat action. Exotic breeds. Cat Toys. It's enough to make a man's hands sweat!

I found this pussy wagon out in the parking lot. Check out the e-mail on it: What is this, some kinda feline escort service?

Hey, not even in the building yet and I've found the erotic artwork. If I'd have known ahead of time I'd have brought some of my own to sell.

Moving inside the building I saw a groovy Siamese and a Maine Coon. This is where I discovered the "no touching without the owners consent" rule, which I thought was nonsense. I mean, they wouldn't be rubbing up against your hand and purring if they didn't want it, right?

This Sphynx was one of my favorites... the little freaks have no shame, strutting around without their fur coats!

I wasn't too impressed with this Turkish Van, all it did was lay around. A grand champion? Quick, somebody make Terri Schiavo a grand champion, all she did was lay around! I'm also told she could do a few tricks with that feeding tube...

At this point I moved to one of the shows judging rings and got some pics of this really awesome ball of fluff getting it from this old lady:

Ah, I'm not sure what this lady's hand is up to in this picture... it's in there deep, like she's digging through the couch cushions looking for the remote control!

And now we come to my favorite picture of the show:

I so wanted to take him home with me... I actually considered putting him in my purse and sneaking him out the front door!


Blogger Bonnie said...

Love the Siamese photo, but then I'm a big fan of meezers.

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... - Visit us or die!

10:29 PM  

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