Sunday, November 27, 2005

Children + Cats + Crossdressing = Thanksgiving 2005

I think my cat Lex is still recovering from Thanksgiving. He had a very big weekend, starting with the arrival of my little cousin Kelly:

As if a small child wasn't enough, Lex had to put up with my manhandling him while wearing my sexy pigtails:

After Kelly and I were done "playing" with Lex I decided he needed a reward so I hooked him up with some bangin' catnip on his scratching post.

Seriously, this was some hot stuff.

He was so off his rocker at this point I'm pretty sure he was seeing noises and smelling colors!

Well if there's one thing Lex and I have in common it's that our days seem to end with us in bed, belly up with our paws stuck in the air!