Tuesday, August 30, 2005

America's Next Top Model: Lex

Recently Lex told me he had a dream: to be an internet model. Even though the furball has big rear end I told him to go for it, so he came up with the idea of posing with my Hanukkah finger puppets for the website Stuff on my Cat.

Once I broke out the camera Lex turned into a real cam-whore, rolling around the table and streching, showing off his stomach:

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

TERRORISTS STRIKE AGAIN: Al-Queda Suspected in Madonna Attack

"MADONNA was last night recovering at home after falling off a horse while celebrating her 47th birthday. The singer suffered three cracked ribs, a broken collarbone and a broken hand as a result of the accident.... Barbara Charone, the singer's spokeswoman, said: "Madonna fell off a new horse she was riding."

Barely a month after the London bombings and Al-Queda have struck again, this time setting their sights on one of the Hollywood Elite. Madonna is lucky to be walking away from this attack, the last time the terrorists employed a horse they crippled Superman actor Christopher Reeves back in 1995. With such horse attacks on the rise I think we should send a message to the terrorists that we will not stand still and let these atrocities continue, this is what I propose:

If a copy of the Koran is found in the horse's stable the animal will be immediately executed by either the victim's spouse or eldest child. The suggested method of execution involves drowning the horse in a bathtub, small children in the family are encouraged to hop up onto the horsey and stand on it's head, thus ensuring both a quick drowning and a fun family experience.
The horse's body will then be sent to France for consumption, but not before the hooves are cut off and made into horse hoof ashtrays!

Most of the trays will either by kept by the victim's spouse or auctioned off for charity, but at least one will be sent to Abu Gharib prison in Iraq, where it will be placed on top of an Iraqi prisoner pyramid.