Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Punching Rabbi vs. Cookie Monster: Whose Side Are You On?

It was simple in the beginning: I wanted to sell my Xbox. When normal people try to sell an Xbox they list it on ebay and wait for hits to come in. I decided this wouldn't cut it for me since every jackass on ebay is selling one these days, I had to make my auction stand out.

I came up with the idea of doing a photo-comic backstory explaining why I was selling the Xbox. At first it was just going to be some rubbish involving Cookie Monster getting crumbs on the controller, but then I saw my Punching Rabbi puppet and realized that these two historical figures had never been crossed paths before. This match-up had the potential to be the next Superman vs. Muhammad Ali, so I was eager to get started on it.

With a little assistance from my friend Diana we held a photoshoot and brought these two legendary figures together. At this point I should note that even though the comic features Cookie Monster it's not really for kids due to the shocking violence and yiddish slurs.

Click here to read Punching Rabbi vs. Cookie Monster