Monday, May 02, 2005

American Terrorist

I think something’s up with Lex... he's always been a high maintenance cat, but over the past month he's been prancing acting like a real jerk, hissing at people and even taking swings at me! I think he might be planning to join the Al Qaeda! I know it sounds crazy, but this week everything finally clicked for me when I saw what Lex did with this box that was innocently left lying on a couch:

Now it isn't normal for Lex to cram himself into tight spaces, he has a big butt so I know it can't be that comfortable for him. Then I realized he was doing this to be like Saddam Hussein and hide in a hole in the ground. Here is a pic of Saddam's hole, notice how similar it is to the box:

Lex then got out of the box and wrapped a towel around himself, publicly adopting the dress of an Al Qaeda operative:

It's actually sort of cute, the towel is pink like his nose. Compare his act of towel-wrapping to these Al Qaeda and let me know if it doesn't horrify you!